Democrats Suddenly Change Slogan To 'Orange Man Good'
Politics · Jul 2, 2024 ·

U.S. — After a noticeably carrot-hued President Joe Biden gave a live address to the nation last night, top Democrat marketing strategists scrambled to suddenly change their official slogan to "Orange Man Good."

The frantic shifting of gears comes on the heels of several years the same team of expert political messaging strategists spent spreading the well-known slogan "Orange Man Bad" to combat the popularity of former President Donald Trump.

"Orange man not bad anymore! Not bad! Good! Orange man good!" shouted one Democrat marketing consultant. "We have to erase everything we've done for the last several years and get the concept of ‘Orange Man Bad' OUT of everyone's minds. Let's focus on making sure every potential voter is made aware that, from now on, ‘Orange Man Good!' He's good! Got it?"

Social media gurus were being brought in to help with the change. "This is quite a reversal, but I think we can pull it off," said liberal influencer Starla Hardcastle. "We've put a lot of effort into conveying a negative message about Trump through ‘Orange Man Bad,' so we've got to throw that out the window and really lean into convincing everyone that Biden's new look means ‘Orange Man Good.' It might be a little more of a challenge since he's mentally handicapped now, but we have to try."

At publishing time, Democrats had also proudly announced that their nominee was a person of color.

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