Coming Soon: A Brand New Book!
Premium · Aug 11, 2021 ·

Kyle, Ethan, and I have been working on a brand new Babylon Bee book. We've been dying to show it to you, now we finally can! 


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This book will be your definitive guide to the crazy woke movement, and we hope a source of laughter--or at least moderate chuckles--during these dark days.

Ethan and Gavin from our creative team really made the book come alive with hilarious illustrations. You'll be able to go to any page in the book and immediately see something that will make you laugh. 

The book will be available in stores on November 2nd and is available for preorder on Amazon. We're putting together a small launch team to help us get the word out when the book releases. If you're interested in joining the team, comment "I'm in" below and we'll follow up with you via email. 


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