Big App Updates Rolling Out
Premium · Mar 10, 2021 ·

So for those of you that know me, you're aware of the fact that I've been a LITTLE busy building Not the Bee and its corresponding apps. But we also realize that the Bee app is in serious need of some love, and have been focusing energy on that cause for the past week or so. The first updates are now rolling out to iOS, and the upgrades are significant. Here's a little preview of what's been added to the iOS app and what's to come over the next few weeks (with Android to follow as soon as we finish the rollout...sorry droids!).

  • Comments are now live in the app. Now you can use the comment generator and chase First! badges from the convenience of your mobile phone.
  • Podcast video is now live in the app. Now you can hold Kyle and Ethan's head in the palm of your hand.
  • Podcast player has been upgraded to allow backgrounding while you browse the rest of the app. It also has the ability to save your spot and resume from where you left off, as well as more playback speed options.
  • Improved push notifications to make sure the breaking news updates hit your phone quickly.
  • Articles have been updated to show formatting that matches the website, and functionality has been added to allow clicking on external links.

Click here to visit the app store and update now!


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