Best-Of Book Update: Proofs Are In!
Premium · Jul 11, 2020 ·

Quick update on our Best-of book, The Sacred Texts of The Babylon Bee -- we just got our hard-copy proofs in. After a few last-minute corrections, it'll be finalized and printed. We are hoping for a late summer release at this point. To those who preordered, thanks for your patience -- COVID and issues with China caused us to move to an American printer which caused a delay. But yay! A book printed in the U.S.A.!

The cover above is near-final, I think -- I'll have to check with Ethan. But it will be beautifully embossed on a leather-like Bibley cover. It's gonna look amazing. Ethan and I were drooling over the pages last night. It looks incredible. Almost all the old Photoshops were redone and the articles were painstakingly laid out by Dan and Ethan to be an absolute joy to look at. Lots of bonus material and new jokes in here too.


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