The Babylon Bee Took A Stand Against The New York Times And Won

Kyle Mann

For those keeping track of the ongoing saga between the New York Times and The Babylon Bee, we just chalked up a big W today, with the Times issuing a correction to one of the articles where they called us a far-right misinformation site.

As our infinitely wise and smart CEO Seth Dillon, may he live forever, reported on Twitter: "The @nytimes has responded to our demand letter by removing defamatory statements about us from their article. Here's their email to our counsel notifying us of the correction."

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This is a big deal. The way fact-checkers, social media, and the corporate press are all intertwined, getting labeled as misinformation by big newspapers can be grounds for social media to censor us. To have a big name like the NYT issue a correction and backpedal on calling us misinformation should be a warning shot for all the other players in media not to throw labels out like that willy-nilly.

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