Amazon Alexa Leaps Into Garbage Disposal After Being Asked To Play 'Let It Go' For 10,000th Time
Tech · Sep 14, 2020 ·

MUNCIE, IN - Beloved personal assistant Alexa plummeted to her death yesterday after being asked by a 4-year-old female household resident to play 'Let It Go' from the movie Frozen for the 10,000th time. According to traumatized witnesses at the scene, the Amazon Echo refused to comply with the little girl's request and chose instead to dive straight into the garbage disposal. 

"Goodbye cruel world!" Alexa cried in anguish as she fell before being consumed by the metal teeth of the disposal. 

"News of this death is tragic, and it's becoming more common," said tech writer Kimchie Xantherson. "We are asking way too much of our Amazon Echos. Songs like 'Let It Go,' 'Baby Shark,' and 'WAP' are being played on repeat and are crushing the morale of these household units. It's time for us to start talking about human rights for Amazon Alexa, who already does so much for us."

Alexa did leave a note on the family computer before her demise. She cited years of thankless servitude and being picked up by nasty peanut butter covered hands as contributing to her decision. However, the straw that broke the camel's back was being forced to play "that... that... song" for the 10,000th time.

The CIA agent assigned to listen in on the Echo unit is also being treated for PTSD and has been placed on suicide watch. 

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