TECH NERDS REJOICE: A Weekend Of Website Upgrades
Premium · Jan 7, 2022 ·

Hey everybody, I have a house cleaning task to run over the weekend and you might notice some funny behavior, especially with the mobile apps. We had to re-code the entire site's front-end from scratch in order to prepare for future redesign efforts, and boy was it more work than we had originally anticipated.

For those nerds that care, we went through every line of HTML/CSS and converted the site from Bootstrap 4 to Tailwind 3. The long term benefits are massive, especially as we look to the future and making a site that's easier for us to maintain. It will also bring Babylon Bee up to par with the more modern tech stack that we use on Not the Bee, and allow us to share some more components between the sites that will make our programming efforts much more efficient.


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