A Far-Too-Detailed (And Somewhat Incriminating) Recap Of Our Illegal Babylon Bee Leadership Summit

Kyle Mann

You know what the best state to visit in the middle of winter is? Michigan. Especially in the middle of a lockdown by Governor Umbridge. (Bear with me, I'm a millennial -- Harry Potter references are all I can come up with).

So, late last week, Seth and Dan Dillon left their beachfront homes in sandy, sunny Florida, and I begrudgingly left my modest, little bungalow in sandy, sunny California to visit Adam in Michigan. We gathered for a meeting of the minds to come up with delicious new Babylon Bee content and dastardly plans to take over the world.

Or, at least, to make our business profitable enough to where when Zuckerberg bans us we can still feed our families. And so Seth won't get his Cybertruck repoed.

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