Forum Buzz: BIG Announcement...
· Premium · Nov 8, 2022 ·

Hey y'all! This is your Community Manager, Kristin, better known as SDH. Did you know subscribers post 350-400 headlines a day on our headline forum? That's a lot of people posting a lot of headlines. Just think how much laughter you inspire every day! We can't publish or feature or pin most headlines, but we can laugh and get to know each other, and that's a huge part of the fun. Even Kyle recently popped into the forum to post a headline, a rare occurrence. Did you see it? No worries if you happened to miss it - just keep reading here...

We had to be a little stealthy with this premium article because this announcement is a secret for now and the first few lines of premium articles are public. But now that we've gotten this far, we can spill the beans and tell you what the forum buzz is all about. Kyle just dropped this headline:


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