10 Times Snopes Fact-Checked The Babylon Bee
Premium · May 29, 2020 · BabylonBee.com

We are professional investigative journalists here at The Babylon Bee. We do the serious work of sifting through the news every day to find what is morally true, so we can tell you what you think. No good deed goes unpunished, and, since we have done such a good job of spitting truth over the years, we may have stepped on a few toes and encroached on the territory of other very serious reporters and journalists like ourselves over at the internet’s definitive fact-checking resource: Snopes.

Snopes is an otherwise honorable company that stamps out junk news sites and Ukrainian meme farms that are trying to hack our elections with Facebook ads. So that is why we found their attention so odd when they started rating our stories as "False." Social media companies, in an effort to stamp out junk news, were even working with companies like Snopes to determine what their users should see and share. Even though they decided to walk back their rating from "False" to "Labeled Satire," whatever that means, it seems like they have waged a campaign to sully the great name of The Babylon Bee even though we are documented to be inerrant in all our truth claims. We have the receipts, somewhere crumpled in our pockets.


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