Be My RBG: A Ballad of Political Unity
This song will cause MAGA and AntiFa to hug instantly!

Sworn enemies Rocky and Apollo Creed became such close friends they embraced on the beach. Chesterton the avowed Catholic was dear friends with staunch atheist George Bernard Shaw. And don’t forget the inspiring story of Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un. Among the greatest friends across enemy lines was Antonin Scalia and RBG. They were the best of friends, though they disagreed on politics.

In this emotional, moving ballad, The Babylon Bee makes a tribute to the American value of civility and friendship despite intense disagreement.

Share this video and be someone's Scalia, and maybe they'll be your RBG.

Just a couple wings, mine’s on the right
Yours is on the left so I guess we’re supposed to fight
But isn’t there more than politics to this life?
can I take your hand in friendship across this great divide?

I’ll be Rocky, you be Apollo Creed
You Be the Colms to my Hannity
I’ll be  Chesterton, and you be Shaw
You be dennis Rodman, I’ll be your Kimmy Jong

I’ll be Dubya, You be Ellen D
You be Hitchens, I’ll be your brother Pete
I’ll be the Dems, you be 2McCain
You be Daryl Davis, I’ll be your KKK

Woody and Buzz found love though they were enemies
I’ll be your Antonin Scalia, you be my RBG

Mike Tyson  went and bit Evander Holyfield’s ear off
But nowadays he doesn’t mind him
When Big Bird got kidnapped by a couple of scheming carnies
Oscarthe grouch drove his sloppy jalopy to try and find him
You know the Rock often mocked Steve Austin but they’re just actors
off the mat they had each others backs- just like two chiropractors

Joe Rogan loves everyone
maybe it’s the DMT
And you may have heard that Larry Bird
And  Magic Johnson are friendly
And maybe one day Elena Kegan will be down with ACB
Every Antonin Scalia needs an RBG

(Together we can dream)
We can protest peacefully
(This ain’t the UFC)
Like Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee, WWJD?
(Let’s get some KFC)
You can torch cop cars, I’ll read Thomas Sowell
We’re not all bad (I’m like the BFG)
I’ll be your Antonio Scalia
Be my RBG

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