Opinion: Please Notice Me

Hey there, fine people of our congregation!

It’s such a blessing to worship alongside you each and every Sunday! I love looking out and seeing the sea of people singing loudly, on fire for Jesus, hands held high. What a beautiful sight!

So, here’s the thing. While you were singing along to the bridge of “Oceans,” I was up here absolutely nailing the bass line. I added some licks, hammer-ons, and pull-offs. I even threw a little slap in there for good measure, to keep things funky-fresh. I drew on years and years of musical study, practice, and experience. My fingers danced along the fret board.

But, sadly, despite my great effort, no one noticed. Not a single eye looked in my direction. No one came up after the service and said they appreciated the hours of practice I put in this week to get that bit absolutely perfect. When the pastor came up and said “let’s give the worship band a hand one more time,” no special mention of my musical prowess was included.

So while I’m all good with most of the attention being on Jesus, I’d like to ask you to just please, please notice me. Just a quick glance, a subtle smile, a little nod. That’s all I want. Nothing big, no glory or fame like the worship leader gets. I don’t need groupies flocking me or special attention from the pastor or anything. Just someone, anyone, to acknowledge my existence.

Please, please, notice me.