Meet The Bee: Taylor Sellnow


You've read the articles and laughed, or at least pushed a little air out of your nose. Now you can meet the people behind your favorite Christian news satire site. It's like the behind the scenes discs in the Lord of the Rings box set, except without Peter Jackson's soulful voice or all the motion capture technology.

Today, join us in a world of pure imagination as we meet writer Taylor Sellnow.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I grew up in the very small town of Albany, Wisconsin. In 2001, at age twelve, my family moved to the Los Angeles area to pursue my younger brother's acting career. This was very cool, but also a major culture shock.  My focus was always school and sports. Football in the fall, a quick transition to basketball, and then baseball in the summer. Sports really eased the pain of being the new kid in town. I graduated high school and went to the local community college along with some of my smart frugal friends. We had as much fun as we could, while also getting super smart. Today I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with my beautiful wife Becka and our two young children, Josephine (3) and Samuel (1). We are blessed with both sets of grandparents living just ten minutes away. My wife and I love to travel the great state of Wisconsin, and dream of one day visiting the beaches of West Michigan. Okay, maybe that's just my dream. We are super goofy together and it rubs off on our children. I hope they turn out okay. Our family recently joined Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, my wife and I having grown up Catholic. I am probably the most secular of the bunch here at the Bee, but I sure have been hitting the religious texts hard over the past year. Needless to say the Bee has been a blessing in many ways. I am either 30 or 31 depending on who you ask. 

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