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INEQUALITY: This Woman Makes Just $13 A Day Selling Pet Rocks On Etsy While MALE Robert Downey Jr. Made $15 Million For 'Spider-Man'


It’s 2018, and inequality is still a HUGE problem, even in a progressive utopia like Hollywood.

Case in point: this woman’s name is Xayley Briers. She spends forty-five minutes a day running her Etsy storefront selling pet rocks. Do you know how much she makes? About $13 a day.

Pretty sad, right?

Well, it gets worse. While Briers works her butt off selling and shipping pet rocks all over the country for almost an hour each day, Hollywood A-lister and cisgendered white male Robert Downey Jr. made around $15 MILLION for his work in mega blockbuster Spider-Man Homecoming.

And what did he do? Simply help the movie make hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide. Both people are working hard, and one is making a LOT more money than the other. Why do you think that is? Oh, that’s right. It’s because she’s a WOMAN and he’s a MAN and our country apparently still doesn’t recognize women as human beings.

Can you say “injustice?” DISGUSTING.