Coming Soon: Top Commenter Badges And Technical Videocasts
Premium · May 1, 2020 ·

Hey everybody, this is Dan Dillon. You may not know who I am, but I'm the guy that actually does work around here while Ethan and Kyle slack off making ridiculous music videos.

As a small introduction, I am the CTO, co-owner and lead developer of the Bee, and I wanted to let you know about two new features hitting the website in the next few days: top commenter badges and technical videocasts. We all know what top commenter badges are, but for some reason I'm going to go ahead and explain them to you in more depth anyway.

You may have noticed that we just started showing scores under each subscriber's avatar. These scores are actually a sum of your headline forum score and your article comments score. Basically, you get points for every comment, reply and like that you contribute to our articles, and those scores are tallied with your forum reputation points to give you one very awesome number - your user Community Score.


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